CBD Tincture Key Lime with THC

Looking for more of a Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture? Then try our USDA Certified Organic Key Lime formula. Our Full Spectrum CBD tincture with THC contains phytonutrients such as flavonoids, terpenes, and minor cannabinoids that work together to promote wellness and balance throughout the body and mind. Just a few drops under your tongue day or night help promote calm and overall wellness. Enjoy the freshness of Key Lime formula in four strengths.

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Third Party Lab Tested


Contains 0.3% THC


Satisfaction Guarantee


Organic MCT Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract, Organic Key Lime Oil, Organic Stevia


30 servings per bottle

18-month shelf stable

• Each bottle holds one ounce of Premium CBD oil
• Full Spectrum, Vegan and Alcohol-free
• Proprietary cannabinoid formulas
• Premium Grade
• Manufactured in the USA

Introducing our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture in a delightful Key Lime flavor – a familiar and tantalizing blend of natural ingredients that promotes well-being and balance.

Elevate Your Senses with Key Lime Bliss

Our USDA Certified Organic Key Lime CBD Tincture is crafted to deliver a refreshing burst of flavor, enhancing your CBD experience. Enjoy the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD oil infused with THC and the taste of sun-kissed key limes from organic key lime oil.

Unlock the Power of Full Spectrum CBD

Infused with THC, our Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture goes a step above. This full spectrum tincture contains the perfect ratio of cannabinoids to enhance your relaxation and wellness. This tincture contains a minuscule amount of just .3% THC – this is just enough to help activate the entourage effect and enhance the benefits of CBD. Find your optimal balance with just a few drops of our Key Lime formula, day or night.

Choose Your Strength

Our Key Lime CBD Tincture is available in four different strengths to cater to your individual needs. Whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned user, we’ve got you covered. Select the potency that suits you best and let the natural power of our Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture work its magic.

Quality You Can Trust

At Keen Living, we take pride in the premium grade of our products. Our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is vegan, alcohol-free, and crafted using our proprietary cannabinoid formulas. Manufactured in the USA, our tincture has an 18-month shelf life, ensuring you enjoy its benefits without compromising quality.

Transform Your Wellness Journey

Step into a world of balance, serenity, and overall wellness with our Key Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. Let this luscious blend unlock the full potential of CBD and enhance your daily routine.


Our Key Lime Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures are made with full spectrum CBD to provide the best possible range of potential benefits. Full spectrum CBD oil uses all the hemp plant’s active phytonutrients and small amounts (0.3%) of THC. This combination of CBD with other phytonutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids creates something known as the entourage effect, which is when the compounds work together to support your health.

For best results, we suggest taking at least one serving daily.

Our tinctures should be stored in a dry, room temperature place.

Many people take our premium CBD oil tinctures because they promote a sense of calm and balance in the mind and body. This effect is the result of CBD’s influence on the body’s endocannabinoid system and its ability to increase the quantity of anandamide (known as the bliss molecule).

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